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Welcome Corolla fans all over the World!
Zed Kristianz
Aktív fóruméletet élõ
Aktív fóruméletet élõ
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Hozzászólás Szerző: Zed Kristianz » 2007 máj. 23, 01:37 am

Dear fans, owners and visitors!

Come and join us in this topic! Let's discuss our opinions about this unbeatable car, the good old Corolla since 1966!
What stuff is under your ass?
Share your problems, stories, adventures, travels, events and meetings with people of different nationalities.
About the same thing, naturally, the car, that car. :)

Please note which country you are writing from!

Thank you!
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AE92 /Kyuni/ Liftback 4A-F '88
Karburátor Rulez! :twisted:

Elporladva 2016...

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Fanatikus fórumozó
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Hozzászólás Szerző: Zoo.HUN » 2011 jún. 14, 11:02 pm

E8 1.8D liftback+ ---> Seca :jdm:
E8 1.6GT AE82 HB ---> FX
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